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Hi there,

Today we’re looking at BSPlayer, a really popular media appl that sits somewhere between Apple’s iTunes and the basic but flexible VLC Player.

The interface is nice and small, and to build your library all you have to do is right click and go to media library, or just click the little ML button here.

You can’t drag files into the library, instead using these add buttons we can import our media files.

To do it quickly, just hit add drive, and let BS Player search your Hard Drive for compatible music files. To make a playlist, click here, and choose your songs.

The biggest difference between BSPlayer and the competition is that you can change its appearance. Right –click, go to options and then Skins, and you can choose a new look for the player. There are a few included, and tons more available on the BSPlayer homepage. Just click the skin’s name like this, and as you can see, it changes in real time. This way you can make sure your media player looks right at home in your personalised desktop.


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