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Great media player supporting a wide range of formats

BS.Player is the perfect video player for those moments when you prefer watching movies and TV series on the computer rather than doing it on the couch.

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  • by Anonymous

    The best. this is the best player. after i installed it on my new pc, it downloaded all needed codeks and everthing wokrs, with the need for any codek pack! Pros: it finds subtitles on its own it downloads needed codeks plays hd mkv without any jitter on my old pc. Cons: ugly default skin, but you can change it

  • by Anonymous

    GOOD!. This Works Very Well!, If your missing any other Decoder's etc. It will automatically download and extract to your computer! Very highly Recommended Decoder! BS.Player Free 2.34 WIN WIN!! :)

  • by Anonymous

    It does not play DVDs at all. It is just the worst DVD decoder ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • by Anonymous

    Free yes, but stripped down version that runs on adware.... Yes it's free, but absolutely still not a full featured media player... It's just a hook to get you to order the Pro version.! And it's full of adware!!: 1. 2.

  • by Anonymous

    Doesn't play DVDs and not free. When you attempt to play a DVD it tells you you need the Pro version. So it's not a free media player at all. Pros: Hard to say because it didn't let me play a DVD. Cons: Not free - just a hook to get you to order the Pro version.